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"Humanity can survive, my friends. But it will take effort and it will take sacrifice. But first, we must rebuild the wheel to study these assailants from beyond. Any piece, any fragment of the Deus Pinnae that rears its head will be ours. Yamata 16 can no longer afford to linger in the shadows. If we must, we will take all of Bastion space in our grasps and ravage it until every metal sliver of the Pinnae is revealed... By any means necessary."

Jonathan Langdon.

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Aug 9 2015, 09:41 PM
_date:August 2515
_location:Aeon System, Magnus II, Hepstrom

Mid-day, in orbit around Magnus II

“The resort where Agent Lilburn is going to be located is fifty-two kilometers south of Hepstrom. It is only accessible by shuttle, most of which go out to see before coming back to the resort in order to avoid pissing off any local wildlife. The resort has similar walls and security to Hepstrom, though no where near the size. Same tech and security service though,” James said, sitting across from Iradell and looking at her through a holographic map of the resort. “Not just anyone goes to this place. Only people with money and government official types vacation here.”

Iradell nodded and then stood, walking around to the same side as where James was sitting. She pointed down at the map and then rotated it with her finger. She looked at him and then asked, “What's this?”

“Drainage for when a storm pops up. Can't have the walls water tight or the resort would flood, is what I reckon. Lots of storms hit that part of the coast, at least one a day with as humid as it is. Not a good access point. You'd have to get outside of Hepstrom's walls and then hump it those fifty-two kilometers to even get to that spot. Then there are cameras and anti-native wildlife defences. Mostly sounds set off by motion detectors to scare 'em off. But there are weapon systems if they decide to keep coming. Doubt they are used very often,” James explained.

“So my choice is either a shuttle or to hump in at night? One of those will make me seen by quite a few people,” Iradell said, moving her fingers so the drain enlarged. “I would need a torch. If these blueprints are correct, the bars are only three inches apart, so I would have to cut through at least three of them to get in. If I got just one side, I could probably bend them up and then put them back down when I left.”

“Sounds good. I can have the shuttle drop you any closer though, Hepstrom would wonder why our shuttle is out that way and we really can't afford to piss off Rastor any more than we already have. Now, for hiding that face of yours, Mary picked up this spray that will temporarily fill in the seams on your face. Then she said with a little makeup, you'd pass just fine as an ordinary rich fucker at the resort. Well, when you put on some nicer clothes,” James said.”

“Why is that important?” Iradell asked, tilting her head. “It will be night. I could find his room and wait for him... or simply find him and deal with him.”

“There are usually around two-hundred guests and another hundred or so staff at this place. And it has the same security measures as the upper floors of some of Hepstrom's nicer towers. Once a person is cleared inside, according to Rastor anyways, they don't go through security again until they are boarding the shuttle. But getting into the resort's systems, getting room information? That isn't really a possibility, even for you. One of their synthetics will spot you immediately and we don't want a repeat of that Red-Shift debacle. Look, just do it the clean way. We aren't in a big hurry, it is going to take a couple of days to unload the Irad one shuttle at a time from orbit, so time isn't a big consideration.”

“Okay. But how am I to pass as a guest if I have no room?” Iradell asked, just knowing she stumped James this time.

“These people party all night and day... you shouldn't need a room,” he answered with a smirk. “Look, get in there at night, find a lady's room and fix yourself up, hide your gear, and then spend a few days making sure you got the right guy. Then find a way to eliminate him, all accident like. You'll be back here in a few days and you can chill, Rastor will be happy, and we can be on our way.”

Outside of Hepstrom, Mid-night of the same day

Iradell paused in the absolute darkness of the night, pausing for a moment to gain her bearings and to look up at the shadowed-out Magnus Prim. It's left side glistened with light from Phorus, but none of that light was currently being cast down on Magnus II. The jungle around her was alive with noise. The temperature had dropped quite a bit, but it was not cold enough to freeze. Somewhere far off to her left, a thunderstorm raged over the ocean, occasionally gracing her with a flicker of light but mostly just the rumble of thunder.

She took a knee and held up her left arm. A violet light erupted from the wrist mounted computer that she wore, projecting a topographic map of her location. She had already went thirty-seven kilometers in just three hours. It was a dazzling pace, but she was not exactly human. Ira reached back to her hard shelled backpack, pulling it around her in order to check it's contents. It was more out of habit than necessity, she knew she had everything. But on her travels, she just wanted to make sure.

A laser torch, primed and ready to go in order to get in through the drainage system. Guaponese leaves in a plastic container. When soaked in hot liquid, the leaves would make a deadly poison that would shut down a living creature's vital systems in minutes if ingested. Worst yet, it tasted similarly to tea and was extremely hard to pinpoint in a dead person's system. There was also a make-up kit and the cosmetic spray that Mary had acquired, in order to cover the fact that Ira was a Hephaesti. Hopefully no one got a good look at her body, but Mary had thought of that too, packing three of her own nice outfits that covered the body well, but also looked nice enough to fit in at a resort.

Slipping the pack onto her back, she reached to her hip to do a weapon check. Her trusty .45 caliber laser fired pistol was there. The projectiles were lead, just like in the old days, but they were fired twice as fast with no recoil thanks to the laser propulsion system. On her back, mounted onto her body vertically so that the barrel pointed towards the ground and the handle was at her right shoulder, was a sound wave shotgun. It was convertible though, able to be loaded with .50 caliber lead(or other metal) slugs, in the case of long range engagements. On her left hip was an 11 inch knife which resembled a bowie knife, but it was made of titanium-meshed steel and sharped to a razors edge with laser processing. She had grown quite deadly with just that.

Her plan, so far, was to infiltrate the resort and to come up with a way to kill the ITC Agent named Ronald Lilburn. It was to look like an accident, if at all possible and there are to be no witnesses. So far, so good.

Iradell stood up from where she had knelt down and turned her head to the right, towards the jungle, as a limb snapped somewhere in the darkness. Her eyes switched between scan modes and came up empty, but something was there. Unfortunately, it was going to have to catch her. Looking straight ahead again, her eyes carved a route through the jungle terrain and her body immediately leaped into action, rapidly moving through the dangerous trees towards her destination.

Aug 8 2015, 12:40 PM


Iradell is scolded for a botched mission that took place at the Bastion while on Tartarus. While waiting for the Irad to be loaded for the next mission, she decides to spend her downtime in a club called Triple Point, watching people and possibly meeting some new faces.

Sunny Breezes
Iradell is sent on another assignment: eliminate an ITC agent at a resort located outside of Hedstrom, Magnus II. The first problem will be getting past the creatures standing between Hedstrom and the resort. The second problem will be finding and eliminating the target.
Aug 6 2015, 08:19 PM
August 2515

9 PM

The thumping beats of the club were shut out as the doors were closed, filling the room with silence. In it's center was a long glass table that had ten chairs on either side, each one filled with a ranking personnel of the Avarik. At the head of the table sat Raster, an older man of perhaps 80 years old, though he did not look over 40. As far as the Avarik chain of command goes, this was the highest that Iradell had ever met.

Raster wore a dark blue suit, with lines of glowing energy coursing through out it. Iradell did not know the suit's purpose, but she guessed that it was some kind of defensive countermeasures. Though Raster had his own security, he still seemed like the type that would protect himself personally. His hair was silver and long, combed over to one side so that the length of it hung down on one side of his face. He had rodent like features, with small piercing eyes and a large nose. His stare made Iradell uncomfortable.

“Do you know why we requested that you come in?” Rastor asked, causing all eyes at the table to turn towards where Iradell sat at the other side of the room. Iradell looked around curiously and then shook her head once negatively. “Because you stirred up quite a shit storm on the Bastion. You are supposed to be better than that.”

Rastor leaned back in his chair, shaking his head.

“Why is it that we give you so much, but you try your best to ruin it?” Rastor said, getting up from his chair and walking slowly towards where Iradell was sitting. She shifted in her seat and diverted her eyes away from him, looking at the tabletop. “We have given you the capability to infiltrate and exit undetected, yet you managed to alert not one sector... but two. Did you really think that you just got away, jumping onto your damn shuttle and floating away in the night sky undetected?”

“It appeared that way,” Iradell responded, glancing up at him before looking back down at the table.

“It appeared that way,” Rastor repeated, shooting a sneer towards others in the room. They all returned the expression. He took a seat on the edge of the table in front of her, putting one leg up so that it forced Iradell to sit back in her seat and look up at him. The sneer was still on his face. “It appeared that way?” he laughed, though there was no humor behind it. “I had to pay off three separate radar commanders in order for you to leave Bastion airspace. Ten grand each. Which means that you owe me forty, because I'm not going to let you just slip by on this one. You may be the pet project of some people around here, but you haven't done anything special in my eyes yet.”

“Yes sir, I understand,” Iradell said quietly, attempting to look away from Rastor's gaze.

“I don't think you do. That drops your pay for this bullshit mission to twenty-grand. And I'm only paying that out of respect for James,” Rastor said, reaching out and grabbing Iradell's chin in order to make her look at him. “Screw up again like that and I will personally rip you out of that hardware and let you spend the rest of your life plugged into my automatic fish feeder.”

“I would not like that,” Iradell said, looking at him now. She made no expression as her face was squeezed by Rastor's long fingers.

“I'm sure. Now then,” Rastor said as he released her and moved back towards his seat on the other side of the room. “I'm giving you another chance and we are only going to pay you enough to keep your ship afloat, as well as the usual pay to James and his crew.”

“They are my crew,” Iradell countered, drawing a long glare from Rastor.

“Sure they are honey,” he shook his head. “They will receive their usual pay, but this one... Let's just say you owe it to us. This one is going to be a two part deal. There is an ITC agent that has been cracking down on Magnus II. He has been making it particularly difficult to move Soot through Hedstrom and quite frankly, I'm tired of our shipments being discovered because of this man. I think he is former military, one of those types that can't let things slide. And he can't be bought... so we have no use for someone who can't be bought. We have already negotiated with a fellow that is in line to take his place if he happens to have an accident. And that's what we want, it to be an accident.”

“It is not always as simple as that, Rastor,” Iradell answered him, drawing his glare again.

“Then what good are you to me? To any of us? We have learned that he is going on a holiday with his family to one of the beaches near Hedstrom... and that means that he won't make it home. Do you understand?” Rastor asked.

“I... I understand,” Iradell said hesitantly. Her gaze moved towards the table again.

“While you are doing that, James has arranged that a shipment of Soot and other goods will be delivered. It should be getting loaded onto your ship now,” Rastor said.

“But I was hoping to stay and enjoy the club for...” Iradell started, but she was interrupted.

“You have a few hours, honey. Now get your ass out here and when you get back to the Irad, read over what I have given to James on the target. You won't mess this one up, will you?”

“No sir.”

“That a girl. Now leave.”

11 PM

Since she had not yet been called back to the ship, Iradell sat in the club and watched as many others danced. The blinking lights, the sweating bodies, the smell of alcoholic beverages and other substances, the loud music and other things filled her senses to the max. Her eyes sparkled with curiosity as she watched the citizens of the Tartarus have a good time. She did not know how long she sat there, ignored by most, but it must have been a long while because one of her friends had come looking for her.

“There you are!” Mary said loudly over the music, almost falling onto the table as she leaned over it to kiss Iradell on the cheek. Iradell smiled, her attention finally pulled away from the crowd of interesting people. “We were wondering why you hadn't made your way back yet.”

“I didn't realize that we had been called yet,” Iradell said, looking down to her waist where her communicator was located. It was not blinking, there had been no call. She looked back up to Mary, confused.

“No silly,” Mary laughed, plopping down on the chair across the table from her. Mary reached out and took Iradell's hands in her own as they spoke. “We were going over to this new restaurant. They have fish from Hedstrom and I hear the sushi is really great. We wanted you to sit with us and enjoy each other's company.”

“Oh!” Iradell said, the smile coming back to her face. “I am sorry... I was just distracted here. There are many interesting people here tonight. Like that one there, his skin is green.” Iradell pointed and Mary turned to look. “And that one, I bet she has over a hundred piercings. There is another who has beautiful red eyes... I am not sure where she went.”

“Why don't you ever just go talk to some of these people?” Mary asked, looking back to her friend.

“I am not sure what I would say! There isn't much for me to say to draw someone into conversation,” Iradell answered.

“Bullshit. Just tell them your name and that you want to dance,” Mary said with a big grin. “You can think of the rest later. Do you want to come with me? We ate already because we couldn't find you, but we were going to go back to the ship and play a little game of netball in the cargo bay while the shit is getting loaded. I could use your help again.”

Iradell looked around the club once again and then back to Mary. She shook her head. “No, I think I would like to stay here a while longer.”

“Going to talk to someone then?”

“I will... try.”

“Do it, you won't regret it. Everyone has a story,” Mary said, squeezing Iradell's hands before letting them go. She gave a little wave and then moved towards the exit, leaving Iradell to look back towards the crowd once again.
Aug 5 2015, 11:30 PM
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    _uploading requested file...
    _opening heuristic personnel dossier:
    _dossier template: DEFAULT
    _script execution time .006 seconds


Z:\ P L A Y E R - I N F O R M A T I O N.ooc

    _requesting RL:\ for established query...
_player alias: Steven
_other characters: None
_modes of contact: OtherSteve (AIM)

Z:\ C H A R A C T E R - I N F O R M A T I O N.ic

    _analyzing system settings...
      _generating personnel dossier: DEFAULT
      _rendering holographic display:

Alicia Vikander

_affiliation: Unaffiliated

_full name:
Originally: Interstellar Radar and Defense – Eagle Class Military Stealth Ship (V.I.)
Currently: Iradell
_nicknames/alias: Ira
_date of birth: (V.I.) April 13, 2342 (A.I.) June 2, 2343
_age: 176
_home planet: None
_current residence: The Irad (refurbished)
_relatives: None
_orientation: Unknown
_marital status: Single

_gender: Feminine
_height: *Variable, currently 5'6”
_weight: *Variable, currently 195
_hair color: *Variable, currently brown
_eye color: *Variable, currently violet
_identifiable marks: At the moment, seams in her synthetic skin run the length of her face, from forehead to chin. There are also two vents, one on either cheek, to help keep her central core cool.

_occupation: Currently a smuggler and cleaner for the Avarik

Z:\ P S Y C H O L O G Y.ic

    _psychological evaluation loading... COMPLETED.
_personality: Iradell is currently learning more about herself while learning more about those around her. Over the years, she has developed a humor that is funny to her, though it may not be understood by others. She is very much an observer and very reactionary, meaning that she is seldom the first one to start a conversation, though she enjoys them very much. As time goes on, she will learn more about how to interact with people.

While working for the Avarik, Iradel is very cold and calculating. Her objective becomes the most important thing to her and very few things can sway her from that. She feels nothing when sent to kill a person, or when she lies in order to bypass checkpoints or other similar situations. Guilt and remorse simply has not worked it's way into her psyche yet, though it may eventually once she learns more about what life has to offer.

She can also be very childlike. Being stuck within a ship for over a hundred years did not allow her to gain much life experience. Though she is old numerically, she has not seen many of the things that people have become accustomed to. The sun setting on an alien horizon, watching people move and talk to one another, or waves crashing in on a beach could draw her curiosity, causing her to spend her free time watching and learning from such things. This too could pass, but for now, the universe is very fresh to her.

Z:\ P O W E R - I N F O R M A T I O N.ic

    _genetic sequencing algorithm initiated... COMPLETED.
_archetype: Hephaesti


Current body: IFUS Marine Stealth and Infiltrator (MSI 2510) – Military Cybernetic Body (Modified)

Originally designed for Promethean Soldiers, the MSI 2510 was designed and built in the year 2510 to enhance select soldiers for black ops missions. These body have small and sleek frames that are built for speed and maneuverability more than power and damage negation. While they are not fragile, these bodies do take damage from small arms fire in all places except for the central core (located in the skull), which is protected by a titanium tri weave mesh. Larger caliber weapons are required to take one of these bodies down permanently, though they can be rendered useless when enough damage is taken.

Built for speed and stealth, the MSI 2510 can propel a soldier on foot at three times the speed of a human being. Lifting and general strength is roughly double that of an average human being, allowing them to bench press roughly 400 lbs, squat 1000 lbs, and a grip strength of 200 PSI. There are bodies that allow more, but this body was not built specifically for strength.

As for stealth, the MSI 2510 has several features that would provide a tactical edge in the field. Sound dampeners are equipped on the feet, projecting a sound to negate any outgoing sounds in a two foot radius around the body. This allows for quiet movement, no matter the speed or terrain which it moves upon. Finally, the MSI 2510 is equipped with Dynamic Mirroring Camouflage. Simply put, the body sees what is behind it and projects it in front, rendering the user hard to see. They are not completely invisible, but in a dark area they would be extremely hard to detect.

There are other standard features as well, that comes with most (but not all) military cybernetic bodies. The body uses a blue fluid that is similar to anti-freeze, which protects from both the heat and the cold encountered on some planets. This fluid runs through the body in a similar way to a human's blood, and if cut or punctured the fluid will bleed out. The frame of the body is small and therefore is preferred by those of a feminine nature, though the sex is determined by the user and the skin used to coat it. As with most military IFUS bodies, the core is protected from EMP attacks with appropriate shielding. The rest of the body may be rendered temporarily useless until rebooted, but the core will not be destroyed.


As stated above, this MSI 2510 has been modified by Iradell and her Avarik employers. Originally designed for Promethean soldiers, modifications had to be made in order to upload herself into it. Since the body was acquired illegally, the Avarik killing the original owner, steps had to be taken to hide what it really was. For that reason, the MSI 2510 that Iradell possesses is unique.

The only sensory attribute on the suit that could be considered boosted when compared to a humans is that of eye sight. Through a dual set of synthetic eyes, Iradell is capable of seeing in different color spectrums, nightvision, infrared, and she also has minor microscopic and magnifying abilities. All other senses are on par with a human being, thanks in part to the Avarik.

Synthetic skin currently covers her face, arms from the elbow down and legs from the knees down, along with synthetic hair in appropriate places. She was made in an image of her chosing, within reason, and the Avarik used the latest processes to achieve this. Pain and other sensations can be felt through her skin, though pain registers as more of a warning to her than anything else. Though she does not need to breath, air is circulated between her nose and her mouth in order to process the air through her nose, granting her the sense of smell. And though she has heard that there were ways for taste to be acquired, she has not yet had the money to look into it.

Finally, installed within her core along with vital components to run her AI, is a chip similar to a GPS. Though she is sentient, she owes a debt to the Avarik that may never be repaid in their eyes. At all times, they know her location and are capable of reacquiring her.

(Note: I feel like I am leaving details of this body out. If you have questions, ask away.)


Cyberpathy: Since Iradell is a Hephaesti, it is in her nature to speak to other computers. This is only achieved if Iradell has a way to directly connect to the system that she wants to intrude upon. There are several ports located underneath her right forearm, enclosed there. Even with synthetic tissue covering her arms, the outline of the extendable housing can be seen.

Training: Iradell is capable of using most, if not all, hand held weaponry in the known galaxy. Blades and guns, lasers and bullets, if it has a trigger on it then most likely she has had the knowledge implanted in her mind to use it proficiently.

The Irad – Interstellar Radar and Defense Eagle Class Stealth Ship

Iradell began her life as a VI upon this ship but now sits at the helm, a Hephaesti in charge of her own crew. There are four other members of the crew: John (human), an experienced smuggler with the Avarik sent along to monitor missions and lend his expertise. Vera (Adam), also under the employ of the Avarik, he is more or less the one who handles the shipments and provides any needed muscle along the way. Mary (human), who is married to John, is a mechanic. Yavoy (Promethean), an ex-military pilot who usually controls the ship. He usually fixes the meals for the crew as well.

Iradell's responsibilities on the ship as captain include but are not limited to: Navigation, co-piloting, weapon systems, shipping manifests, medical care, and other things as needed.

As for the Irad itself, the ship is equipped with war-time weapons and stealth systems. Built during a time of war with Synthetics, the ship was overhauled dramatically by the Avarik upon it's discovery. The ships weapons include – interspacial missile systems (radar needed for lock on), defensive laser 50 mm cannons mounted on the bow, aft, port and starboard sides, offensive cannons (200 mm uranium, energy fired) on the bow, and bomb ports on the ventral.

The stealth systems are a military rating, meaning that most radar systems will not detect the craft. The ship is painted in a matte black and is hard to spot in space. The size of the ship measures in at two hundred yards (roughly) long from bow to aft and is nearly fifty yards across from port to starboard. Due to it's unusual design, most space stations (such as Bastion) frown upon seeing it coming. For this reason, a landing craft is located in the aft and is used to dock while the Irad stays in orbit.


Gun fire: Her synthetic body can not take the damage of small arms fire. This would render her useless if struck in the right places. Larger caliber weaponry can penetrate her core, located within her head, and if so could damage or even kill her.

Electricity: An electric pulse could render her body useless for a temporary amount of time. Her core is protected, but the rest of her body would require several minutes in order to reboot. A small shock would do nothing of course, but an aimed attack would more than likely paralyze her.

Hacking: Though she is a Hephaesti, Iradell is subject to hacking. Should a talented individual gain access to one of her ports, then she would have to direct all of her attention to keeping them out of her mind. This would render her useless in other regards. A powerful enough hacker or cyberpath would be capable of shutting her down completely.

Temperatures: Though she has a much higher tolerance of extreme temperatures than a human being, extreme cold (-100 C) would cause her to slow and eventually freeze while extreme heat (148 C) could cause her to overheat vital systems while also damage her synthetic skin. Unprotected travel on planets or moons with extreme temperature changes is not advised and extended exposure could risk permanent damage and even death.

Perfect Posture / Appearance: Do to the synthetic skin and the way that she presents herself, it is very unnatural. Her posture if very upright and while she attempts to make her movements natural, Iradell is not experienced with interacting with others. So while she isn't necessarily robotic, her movements may either be too fast or too slow, or things of that nature. Also, she never blinks because she must do it consciously and never remembers to. All of these tend to make her stick out like a sore thumb for the time being, at least until she gains more experience interacting with humans and other AI.

Z:\ H I S T O R Y.ic

    _individual background loading... COMPLETED.
Originally built in 2342, the Irad was a ship that was meant to penetrate and destroy Synthetic resistances throughout the system. At the time, the ship was state of the art and it was armed to the teeth, manned by a crew of 15 and assisted in operation by an VI (virtual intelligence) by the name of Iradell. The ship was successful in it's first few missions but after the Synthetics learned of it's existence, the ship and others like it were hunted down.

In May of 2343, the Irad was sent on a scout and destroy mission to Europa to locate a Synthetic base of operations and destroy it. It was thought that this was their primary base within the Sol system and it would help to end the war quickly. The Irad set out but soon after settling into Jupiter's orbit, it was clear that it was a trap. The ship was attacked by many fighters and larger Synthetic ships and after many of it's systems were disabled, the Irad was captured and it's crew was killed.

Humanoid synthetics boarded the ship and because she did not know any better, the VI known as Iradell welcomed them on board and offered to show them to the captain. These synthetics, whether it was mercy or just for their own amusement, toyed with Iradell throughout the entire process of the inspection of the Irad. The ship was brought in to one of the freighters and the Synthetics prepared to use the ship against their human enemies, all the while toying with Iradell, giving her meaningless tasks and looking down upon her.

It was not until the Synthetic crew boarded the ship in order to take it out against the enemy did Iradell receive sympathy. The captain of the ship, a masculine AI who called himself Ardar, felt pity for the VI. Ardar spent several nights speaking with Iradell about the ship and being the loyal VI that she was, Iradell explain all of it's complex systems and maneuvering capabilities to him. Ardar was a young AI, as far as AI's go, and perhaps his attraction to Iradell was misplaced. He was lonely. As captain, he was alienated from his crew to an extent and wished for someone to be a companion to him. For this reason, Ardar touched Iradell in June of 2343 and connected the dots for her. The vast knowledge she had of the ship was still there, but suddenly there was more. Curiosity, imagination, love, hate, fear, anger, happiness and other emotions hit her like a freight train. Suddenly, Ardar was her connection to the outside. As they moved through space towards the front line of the war, Iradell spent weeks speaking to her new found friend in order to gain some kind of hold on what it meant to be alive.

Her life did not expand much from there, however. As they reached Mars, an enormous battle was underway. Their orders were simple, to use this stealth ship to infiltrate Mars' atmosphere and deliver a bomb onto the epicenter of humanity's foothold there. Iradell was given her orders and she executed them without question, plotting the course for the ship to maneuver through the battle unseen and approach the settlement from the east, remaining on the darkside of Mars.

As the Irad moved, unseen and untouched, Iradell began to be filled with a feeling she had never felt before. Fear and doubt. Immediately she began rechecking her course and speaking with the pilot about her feelings, but she was brushed aside, mistaken as a VI. Iradell's thoughts went back to the human crew and how they were all killed. She realized that she did not want the memory of Ardar and his crew killed. Projecting herself to Ardar, she voiced these concerns. Oddly, Ardar brushed her aside as well. He was focused on the mission at hand.

Unfortunately for the Irad and the Synthetic crew on board, the ship was spotted before it entered Mars' atmosphere. The ship was quickly responded to and because the humans knew the ship and knew it was missing, they knew exactly how to shut it down and destroy it's main systems. All around Iradell inside the ship, a familiar chaos ensued. Many of the AI were killed as several hull breeches occurred, spacing them above Mars. The others were dealt with shortly after a strike team landed on the ship. It seemed to happen so quickly, as the human team swept through her corridors and killed everyone in their path. The last time Iradell saw Ardar, he was shot twice in the head before being thrown from the ship.

Darkness came over her as many of her systems were destroyed or dismantled. Iradell screamed to be heard, but either the humans were dismissive or uncaring. She was either a VI, to be used and thrown away, or an AI, the enemy. The Irad was left among the ruins of the battle. It's original course had been altered in the battle and it's momentum was well enough to break Mars' orbit.

For 170 years, darkness was pulled down over Iradell's eyes. Sensory monitoring was shut down and the other systems of the ship were all totaled. The ship was using minimal power and with the advanced nuclear core on board, Iradell could possibly float for centuries before finally fluttering out of existence. Only the thoughts that Ardar had put into her mind before leaving her behind was left. She attempted to use her imagination during this time, but there was little to go on. She was a new-born, blind and without stimulation.

Until her systems powered back online. Her orbit around Sol had taken many years. The cold of space had shut her down completely, but as she came closer to the mighty sun, it's heat thawed her. Somewhere between Venus and Mercury, the heat of the sun gave her new life. As systems came back online, so did her ability to send out distress beacons. Unbelievably, as the months passed and the sun drew her ever closer, her beacons were answered.

An Avarik recon team responded to the distress signal, pleased to find the abandoned ship. Though it was damaged, it was salvageable. It took several more days, but eventually a ship large enough to carry the Irad within it's hull showed up and carried it to safety. Once at a safe location, the repair of the ship was began. Iradell was clueless as to what was happening during all of this, she had no awareness of the outside. Months of work went into the ship until finally Iradell's ability to speak and project herself was restored. Unaware of exactly who the Avarik was, she welcome the human assistance and began to instruct them on the restoration, helping them to restore the ship to the way it once was.

Once it was learned throughout the Avarik leadership that they had acquired not only a stealth ship, but also a competent and cooperative Hephaesti, the manipulation began. Iradell was given access to any information she wanted (that the Avarik wished her to have), and she was also “befriended” by several of Avarik's lieutenants. The Irad was an old ship, it was military, and there were not many people left that knew it like Iradell did. It was a no brainer to influence this Hephaesti into becoming the captain and smuggler that they had been wishing for a long time.

Months passed and Iradell eventually felt that she was surrounded by friends and also her saviors. So when the question was asked whether she would take control of the ship and help them in their business practices, she could not help but to say yes. For over a year, Iradell controlled the Irad from within, smuggling drugs, weapons and other illegal goods between systems, helping to make her “friends” very rich. Little was given to her, she asked for even less, because she felt that she was helping her friends and she did enjoy the company of John, Vera, Mary and Yavoy.

At the beginning of 2515, the Irad had just completed a shipment between Ra and the Bastion, when Iradell took interest in the contents of her cargo. Among many other things, there was a MIS 2510, which she inquired about with the ship's physical commander, John. He stated that the prototype was captured in a recent clash between Avarik and IFUS special forces, and they had brought the body back in order to determine it's use. Iradell requested an appointment with one of the Lieutenants that she had met during her ship's refurbishment, and when they spoke she expressed her desire to take a physical form. The Lieutenant explained how the body was going to be used, as a hitman to take out competition and other inconveniences, and Iradell felt that this would be a small price to pay in order to move freely like her human counterparts. Eliminate her “friend's” enemies and gain a sense of freedom? Where did she sign up?

It took several months of planning for the body to be converted into an AI-compatible body. Iradell had an image within her mind of what she would look like, a look similar to the first human captain of the ship which she always remembered, and she sent these ideas and outlines to her friends. They all agreed that she would look good that way, so the Avarik invested in her body in order to make her happy and agreeable. Finally, in May of 2515, Iradell was introduced to her body and she was uploaded into it on May 3.

Sights and sounds had never been more clear to her. Smells came to her on the air and caused her to pause. The movement of her head and mouth and limbs felt foreign to her, but she welcomed it. The breeze against her synthetic skin was something she could not get enough of. For a few short weeks, she was like a child as she learned to walk and control all of the delicate instruments that humans and other Hephaesti had probably taken for granted. Once she learned to walk, she learned to run. The progress was very fast and she was a fast learner, though her lack of experience was very obvious for the first month or so.

Months passed and Iradell has been sent successfully on several assignments. Many hits are accomplished in the wake of the Irad. When they are sent to a system for a shipment, she is also given a separate assignment if need be. While she is not always required to kill, she will do so on the command of her “friends.” She owes so much to them, after all.

Z:\ S A M P L E.ic

    _accessing individual's archive footage files...
      _generating script... COMPLETED.
May 10, 2515
The Irad, Captain's Quarters

“Do you like it?” Mary asked, peeking into the ladies room. She could be seen in the mirror, her red curls an obvious giveaway at who it was.

“I do,” Iradell responded, turning at a normal rhythm to look at her friend. She had to consciously control the speed of her movement. Learning how to move, it would take some time. “What do you think?”

“Well, I'm going to have to teach you some tricks with your make up. Maybe put a little more color in your cheeks to make you look more...” Mary said as she walked into the bathroom, but she paused at that sentence. “...I'm sorry.”

“What do you mean? Alive?” Iradell asked, her mouth moving to smile. It was something that was automatic, depending on her mood. It was strange.

Mary laughed uncomfortably, then nodded. “Yes, sorry. I didn't mean that, I just mean... more like living tissue? I guess?”

“I see what you mean,” Iradell responded, looking back into the mirror. Her eyes moved between herself and Mary. Mary had pale skin, but it was flushed with blood and warmth. Iradell lacked that. Her skin almost looked translucent, see through, though it was not. “I would like that very much.”

July 2515
11 PM, The Bastion

Alarms sounded. They were not supposed to sound. Iradell looked down at the dead man on the ground, blood gushing out of the back of his head from the exit wound that she had just caused. She bent at the knees, extending one finger and running it through the blood. It had already gone cold.

“Ira!” Mary's voice came through the communicator, causing Iradell to jump. “Where are you? That entire sector is lit up with red lights.”

“I am not sure why,” Iradell said, walking over to a nearby security station. Reaching to a pouch on her leg, she removed some cables and quickly plugged herself into the station. With a few seconds of thought, she shut down the alarm and started one in the neighboring sector, which would hopefully cause some confusion and redirect security forces. “When I killed this man, the alarms began.”

“Maybe he was wired into the security? You need to move sister, John says that Bastion Security has ordered a sweep of your sector too. Everyone is being evacuated and searched. If you can make it to airlock 43-A then the shuttle can sweep in and pick you up. Iradell, hurry,” Mary said, worry in her voice. Of all the people she knew, Iradell felt like Mary was the one who cared about her the most.

“I am hurrying, I must check the body first,” Iradell replied, walking over to the man she had killed. Rolling him over, she scanned his chest, easily seeing the wired device located within his chest with her thermal imaging vision. It appeared to be a pace maker-like device, but it was obviously wired to the security systems. She would have to be on the look out for these things in the future.

“Stop right there!” a voice called out. Iradell turned, looking at the three security soldiers through the black mask that covered her identity. Iradell raised both hands in a submissive gesture.

“I found this body and I was inspecting him for any life signs,” Iradell said, noting that all three men were human.

“Don't move,” the same guard said. “If you do, we will put you in. Rog, get the commander on the wire and get a response team here.”

“Wait!” Iradell called out, causing them all to pause momentarily. This pause was all she needed, giving her enough time to grasp the handle of the soundwave shotgun that was mounted on her back. She slung it over her shoulder and pulled the trigger, causing a widespread shockwave of sound to hit all three men at once. All of them were thrown to the floor and Iradell sprang forward, drawing an 11-inch knife from her belt. She landed with all of her weight, knees first, on the first guard's midsection, while simultaneously stabbing downwards and into the man's forehead with the knife. As the second guard sat up, she swung the knife through the air, finding his throat enough so that a waterfall of blood gushed out. As she stood up, her right leg came across and kicked the second guard in the head, rendering him unconscious as he bled out.

The third guard rose to his feet as she did and the large knife was swung again, splitting him at the belly. The man cried out and fell to the ground, as Iradell moved to loom over him. The knife was raised again and Iradell paused, watching as the man cried. No witnesses. The knife was lowered, more slowly than she intended, and the knife slowly passed through the last man's skull. Iradell stood and sheathed the knife, then picked up her shotgun and placed it back onto her back.

Quickly she moved, running through the evacuated corridors and away from the sweeping troops, towards airlock 43-A. She reached it just as the shuttle was lowering itself into position and she entered the airlock, ignoring oxygen warnings. Once the airlock was decompressed, the door to space opened and Iradell propelled herself down and onto the shuttle, gripping onto it's outside with both hands as it hurtled into the darkness of space back towards the Irad.

She lay there on the outside of the ship and her eyes moved up to the stars. There were so many. They were all so beautiful.

*Variables due to the possibility of merging into a new body, if ever need be
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