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 Posted: Apr 23 2016, 03:28 PM
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Admiral PLOTTER | DOSSIER | tracker

As you all will have notice, what little activity we had has come to a standstill. I don't know what to do for the site -- I've advertised and advertised and those that do come disappear either after making their characters or a thread or two in.

There's a fair number of issues I can see: lack of direction, lack of activity, lack of administrative presence. I put a lot of this on myself, so I'm not pointing fingers here. I've been a terrible admin on a lot of fronts, especially presence. Over the last few weeks I've realized I don't really have the time to be the prime admin on a site any more, even on a site this small. My attentions are split in too many directions in real life, from my job to my extra-curricular hobbies. I have a lot of stuff going on and it has been persistent the last few months, making it difficult to keep up a site.

While I enjoy the setting and the character I personally have, and enjoy the people here as well, there is little inspiration to be found. I think everyone has this as problem as well -- without guidance and activity, things are floundering. I don't know how to do that with the time and attention I can devote to DS.

So, while I'm aware of the faults (activity, presence, direction, and oppositon) I don't really have the time to resolve them. I don't know what to do because of this. There's maybe two people posting. Maybe.

Personally, and I hate to say it, but I think we've reached the end of the road here.

I'm willing to try to breathe some more life into this place if you all are, but as it's been this way for a few months now, for such a young site, I don't realistically thing there's any recovering from it.

I am willing to try, so feel free to discuss. Ideas, thoughts, etc. Anything is good at this point. We're at the end of the line.
Tau Wolf
 Posted: Apr 27 2016, 04:00 PM
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Tau Wolf PLOTTER | DOSSIER | tracker

I have very few ideas of how get some life back into this place. Just by player base and people have little time it's hard to get anything going. While I love the world and the characters I agree with Tim. We can only do so much and at this point with everyone being very busy this unfortunately falls by the wayside. Which is a shame because like I said above i enjoyed playing here. I will definitely stick around and of course keep in touch.

I can also think on a few things we could do to spark some life here for sure.
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