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 Jennings Sarah
Sarah Jennings
 Posted: Feb 12 2016, 02:27 PM
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Sarah Jennings PLOTTER | DOSSIER | tracker

CODE_searching Z:\ for query...
    _uploading requested file...
    _opening heuristic personnel dossier:
    _dossier template: DEFAULT
    _script execution time .006 seconds


Z:\ P L A Y E R - I N F O R M A T I O N.ooc

    _requesting RL:\ for established query...
_player alias:Matt, asshole, don't call me late to dinner
_other characters:None.
_modes of contact:bear23991 (YIM) seanthein1(skype)

Z:\ C H A R A C T E R - I N F O R M A T I O N.ic

    _analyzing system settings...
      _generating personnel dossier: DEFAULT
      _rendering holographic display:
user posted image


_date of birth:13/10/2480
_age: 35
_home planet:BASTION
_current residence:BASTION
_relatives:JENNINGS JEREMY (father, 92, deceased); JENNINGS SASHA (mother, 87 ); JENNINGS MARK (brother, 44)
_orientation: PANSEXUAL
_marital status: SINGLE

_height:5' 5"
_weight:140 LBS
_hair color:BLACK
_eye color:BROWN
_identifiable marks:NONE

_occupation: Future Operations Planning Officer, Special Operations Command

Z:\ P S Y C H O L O G Y.ic

    _psychological evaluation loading... COMPLETED.
_personality: At a glance in any normal setting Sarah appears to be a kind and considerate woman. Loyal and loving she would drop nearly everything to move mountains for someone she cares about. Many may see her as a pretty face from parents of good bloodlines. A fact which she plays on. Though she is not only a pretty face. She is diplomatic and cunning. In her previous profession there were two types of people. Survivors and warriors. Survivors fought in order to live. Warriors lived to fight. Sarah is the latter. Though she knew victory came in many forms and sought the least cost victory possible.

Z:\ P O W E R - I N F O R M A T I O N.ic

    _genetic sequencing algorithm initiated... COMPLETED.

_powers: Strength. Sarah is not as physically strong as the typical Adam. Where as many became Adams of their own volition Sarah was born of two Adams. The genetic coupling produced a very unique mishmash of abilities. Whereas the typical Adam may be able to lift and move a ton, Sarah tops out at little more than three times her bodweight. Slightly more if adrenalin is involved.

Speed. Sarah's top speed is also somewhat below average, topping out at around twenty five miles per hour. However her increased metabolism allows her to break down nutrients more efficiently, this coupled with a larger than normal lung capacity gives her vastly more staying power allowing her to keep that pace for nearly a dozen miles before tiring.

Healing. Because of her incredible metabolism Sarah heals much faster than the typical unaltered human, recovering from wounds in days rather than weeks or months.

Reflexes. Sarah's synapses fire many times faster, and her nerves transfer information hundreds of times faster than many Adams allowing her to react to external stimuli much faster than even other Adams. Some that have witnessed it say it borders on precognition.

Senses. Sarah's sense of smell her hearing and vision are all very acute. With 20/8 vision she can easily see better than the average human. She hears and smells about as well as most animals and can differentiate scents between individual's just as easily as another person can notice individual's by sight.

Intelligence. Sarah has an eidetic memory. This coupled with the rate at which her brain processes information developed a strong resistant mind in a woman knows how to use it.

_weaknesses: Durability: While her musculature and skeletal structure is more dense than the average humans, Sarah is not as robustly built as many Adams. She is not what a person would call bullet proof. Though she is more resistant than a normal human. Instead of relying on the ability to resist trauma she depends on her reflexes and keen mind to stay alive in battle.

Sarah's extraordinarily high metabolism has its benefits, but it also has a serious drawback. She has to consume many more calories per day than a human her size. Where as a hundred and forty pound human woman could maintain her body with two thousand to twenty five hundred calories a day Sarah needs to consume four times that just to maintain her bodyweight, more if she is involved in strenuous activity. Meaning if she is cut off from supplies her performance seriously degrades significantly as time goes on. Under stressful conditions with no caloric intake she can loose as much as three to four pounds a day.

Z:\ H I S T O R Y.ic

    _individual background loading... COMPLETED.
Born on Bastion to the wealthy industrialist Jennings family, Sarah's entire life had been planned before she was even born. She attended the best schools. Everything appeared to be going according to plan up until she graduated college. Having received her Masters in applied genetics two years earlier than expected it appeared as if she would follow in her father's footsteps and take a position within his company. She was a bright young woman with everything anyone could ever want. All she had to do was take the position offered to her and she would remain in the top half percent, the elite upper class on Bastion. But instead she joined the military and became an officer in the Federations military. Upon graduating Officer Candidate School she was commissioned as an Ensign.

The attractive young Ensign quickly rose through the ranks. By the time she was a full Lieutenant she moved from a simple intelligence officer to the more covert world of counter intelligence. As a member of the Fleets Special Operations Command she quickly became accustomed the the unconventional way threats were dealt with. Through the vast array of intelligence assets she learned that the threats to their way of life were vast and largely unknown to the general public. Using techniques from centuries past the Special Operations Command mission was to stop these threats before they could grow into full scale war. Sarah used every method at her disposal from spreading disinformation among the various individual's that threatened the security of the Federation, to assassination and directly training indigenous forces in other systems so they themselves could fight potential threats without mass support from the Fleet.

By the time she was thirty she was already a Lieutenant commander. Typically that meant that she would have been posted as a section head instead of operating in the field. But they did not move her from the billet she had become so proficient at. Using her skill sets she continued to move about occupied space removing threats to the stability of the Federation. After she first joined the military her family believed she did so instead of working within their company so she could eventually move into the political realm. But it became clear their daughter fully intended to make a career of it. Two days before her promotion to Commander, her otherwise healthy father suddenly fell ill. Within weeks the powerful business man passed, and control of the company fell to her older brother.

Shortly after being promoted to full Commander at the young age of thirty two she was placed in charge of Special Operation Command's future operations plannings section on Bastion. Over the next three years her keen mind began to see patterns in their operational tempo. Finally able to see the galactic scale of their operations she began to believe the motives were anything but benevolent. While stationed back on Bastion she managed to use what little time she had free to rekindle the relationship she lost with her mother and brother. While her family never agreed with her decision to serve, they did support it. The family ties were never severed, but long absences did cause those lines to become frayed.

Z:\ S A M P L E.ic

    _accessing individual's archive footage files...
      _generating script... COMPLETED.
The call came in the early morning hours. Lieutenant Jennings spent the past four months building a rapport with her vetted asset. But all that work. The thousand and some odd hours she expended cultivating the young man's skills and preparing him for what they required of him was a complete waste. Command contacted her because other intelligence assets in an adjacent system had reliable information that a high value target would be attending a meeting at a small independent research facility on a small moon that orbited the systems gas giant.

The directive was not one the busy young woman was uncomfortable with. Countless times in the past she was ordered to eliminate a target. Though direct action such as this was not the norm for Sarah. She was a precision weapon. But instead of surgical strikes she preferred to remain hands off. It wasn't that she was unable to carry out such missions, or even that she was not extremely proficient at it. But rather that she needed to maintain anonymity. While this target's importance greatly superseded the mission she had previously been on, there would be future operations in this sector. So she needed to remain anonymous. Command required a guarantee that the target was eliminated. An orbital strike could not guarantee that her target would not escape before Sarah could confirm his death. She didn't have the manpower to preform a proper clearing operation. Nor did she have enough time to place herself as a member of the research staff. Neither did she have the opportunity to simply poison him or simply make him vanish. So she was left with one option.

Her original mission over, she could at least use her asset to assist her in this hit. She immediately had him procure a long range shoulder fired rail gun and ammo. The hardest part of this objective would not be the kill itself. Even if things did not go according to plan, the kill itself would be rather simple, clean and effective. The difficult part would be cleaning up the mess afterward. Just as expected her asset, the human man who called himself Eli, managed to find a supplier and showed up at the remote launch site early.

With nearly a day to spare the duo landed twenty miles from the research site, and after donning the form fitting nanofiber suits along with their air packs and helmets they set off into the low gravity of the barren moon. Sarah could have easily made the trek to their shooting position in mere minutes had she not been bogged down by the unaltered human, but he played a key factor in the success of this mission. After the duo made the long trek to the rock outcropping They covered themselves with the same sensor reflective material that her small transport ship' hull armor was made of. While her skin tight suit did have some sensor dampening capabilities and did match the color of the dull grey rocks they lay against, they would easily be visible to any near passing ships. The flexible material they covered themselves with however would make them completely invisible to any sensors they were likely to encounter.

No words were shared between them, instead they lay prone under the material as Sarah linked the rail gun's optics to her helmet and ranged the building in the distance. A just over eight miles distant they were at the utmost distance before they lost line of sight due to the curvature of the moon. Still, even at this distance it would be a fairly simple shot. Being in a vacuum meant she would not need to make corrections for windage or air resistance. It would also mean that there would be no ultrasonic crack for auto sensors to pick up. They were even be to pick a location that matched up with the slow spin of the moon so she would not need to account for the minimal Coriolis effect. It was a simple matter of timing her shot properly, the targeting system in her helmet would account for the minimal drop.

The young man that Sarah spent the past few months with thought of this as his one big shot. He believed that it would show his worth to the military and would lead him to a better life elsewhere in the galaxy. But in truth her particular branch of the military used people as tools. If they survived long enough so their worth was great enough then they may be brought into the fold. But often times operators used them as pawns. Simple tools that were to be discarded when their worth was less than the expense of keeping them alive. Sasha, for all her warm smiles and reassuring words, was as cold blooded as the most venomous serpent in the cosmos. It was always her intention to have this young man take the fall. Though she did intend to use this man for more than a simple, yet important assassination.

After hours of laying in wait Sasha could feel her stomach rumbling. The same metabolism that saved her life so many times was at times a hindrance. Had it not been for the nutrient pack she wore on her back she would have already been fatigued and unable to exfill fast enough. Though she planned for this, thought out every eventuality and was prepared. No worry entered into her mind. No twinge of doubt entered her trained mind. She not only trusted her abilities, but knew every order passed down from on high was one given for the greater good of the lifestyle she fought hard to protect.

Her ship's sensors detected the incoming ship, and immediately sent the data to the HUD in her helmet. Even as the moment drew near her heartbeat never quickened. Nor did her palms begin to sweat. She went over these moments a thousand times in her head. She knew exactly how it was going to play out.

The ship touched down on the landing pad, and a docking port extended from the facility and connected. In the vacuum of the desolate moon the only thing she could hear was her own slow steady breathing and the sound of her own resting heartbeat. She watched as the throng of people exited the small transport end mass. It was her hope to have a shot immediately. To be able to down her target the moment he stepped off the transport. But with the mass departure of the dozen or so individual's she didn't have a shot. Mentally she cursed herself for hoping for it to be that simple. Her target was not stupid. He survived countless attempts on his life. Why would he not have made himself invisible while he walked through the docking port. But she figured he would take precautions. She could easily fire into the mass of individuals and hope that the decompression killed him. Though it would only take a simple breather to keep him alive long enough for the duo to be forced to extract without confirming a kill. So she waited and searched the throng of people. But never managed to gain a visual. She about called for plan B. She almost called out over her comsystem for the slave circuits on her ship to launch its ordinance. The small transport easily carried enough ordinance to level the facility. If she did she could certainly survive long enough to confirm that the target didn't survive and manage to slip away. But it would also mean that her ship's position would immediately be compromised. Any ships in a holding pattern above the moon would blast it to pieces. And there would undoubtedly be other ships ready to react if something with this meeting went south. The beautiful young woman didn't care what he did in his past. All she cared about was carrying out her mandate. If that meant dying in the process, then so be it.

She was a hair's breadth from contacting her ship when a human female stumbled. It was a brief glance. But she saw her target. His features were burned into his memory. Immediately she switched her optics from the visual spectrum to electrical. She knew where her target was. Even as her body tried to excite itself over the revelation her mind quieted her body and forced her heart to slow. Finger on the trigger she followed the electrical impulses from the Promethean she was sent to kill. Even given the structure he was behind, and the materials he integrated into himself, he did not stand a chance against the violence she was about to unleash upon him. At the natural pause of her breath and in between heartbeats the raven haired woman slowly squeezed the trigger and in a torrent of destruction the three ounce depleted uranium slug surged forward. Propelled by the electromagnetic rifle far faster than any plasma bolt could have with far more destructive force than any laser charge could deliver. The recoil was as immense. But due to her dense bone and muscle structure coupled with her smart nanofiber suit it was nearly as manageable as a human firing a light rifle. Less than two seconds later she saw the hypersonic projectile punch through the soft skin of the docking arm. Because they fired in a vacuum the steel sabot shell that allowed the gun to propel the projectile did not immediately separate. Instead it peeled off after it entered the atmosphere within the arm. Sarah chose this type of kinetic energy penetrator for the same reason her ancestors did hundreds of years ago. Not only was it extremely dense, but was self sharpening as it penetrated armor. As it met resistance in her target's armored torso pieces fractured and due to friction it caught fire. While chunks broke off when it met his hardened armor torso the bulk of its mass continued on and tore violently through flesh, muscle and bone.

Before anyone knew what happened the dense slug tore through her target's body, caught him on fire and ended his short life in the most violent way possible. Even with the chaos inside as people fought for air and scramble toward one exit or another Sarah watched as the electrical energy vanish from his body. If she had it her way, the short, athletic woman would march up and check his corpse just to be sure. But she did not have time for that. While she would willingly give up her own precious life for what she believed to be right, she knew she did not need to. Instead she leveled the rifle again and aimed at the fading electrical signals his brain gave off. The fact that she not only destroyed his heart and lungs coupled with the massive hydrostatic shock that occurred as the hypersonic slug tore through his body likely destroyed his spinal column she knew there was no way he could survive. But she had to make sure. So she squeezed the trigger again and sent another suggestion down range, and eventually through his unmoving head. Had he been still during the first shot she would have ended it with a headshot. But could not afford a miss.

The moment she saw the electrical signals in his body cease she pushed herself up off the ground and tossed the rifle to her asset. Then started bounding across the baren landscape back toward her transport. Little did her compatriot know, this was where he fulfilled his duty. Having him pick up a rifle and ammo that could not be traced back to her was always just a bonus. Sarah slaved the systems in his suit to her HUD. Even if he could have kept pace with her back to the ship, he would have never made it. He never had enough oxygen in his pack to make it through the entire mission. Minutes after he began to exert himself trying to keep her blistering pace he became lightheaded. The rifle, which would have been far to heavy for him to run with in normal gravity, we little more than a reminder of what he thought he almost had. It was suddenly clear to him. He was brought here only to die. To be a scapegoat. So the man they just killed would have someone to blame that wouldn't lead back to the Federation. He had no formal toes to anyone. No one ever saw Sarah with him. Nor did the young man tell anyone about her.

Upon this realization he ceased his attempt to catch up. He knew he was going to die. But decided he was going to take her with him. She expected it. Figured he would figure it out before he was completely out of air. Though it did not matter. He was already nearly a mile behind her. The way she bounded up and down and across the barren moon would make it all but impossible to land a hit, and the ship was still out of view. While he screamed in his helmet he fired a wild silent shot toward her in the vacuum of space. But that shot never had a chance of finding it's mark. Moments later he succumbed to the lack of oxygen and fell slowly to the grey ground. Sarah climbed aboard and took off. Yes she felt guilty. But it was all a part of the job she was so proficient at. Seconds after dusting off she dropped a small escape craft near where her asset, the man who hoped to learn from her, lay dead. Her last cover as she flew low over the rocky ground that left no trace of her egress, and eventually shot into space far away.
 Posted: Feb 18 2016, 09:58 PM
00 YEARS OLD // --
-- // Board Administrator


Admiral PLOTTER | DOSSIER | tracker

Welcome to the site, Matt. Sorry for the wait. I'll try to be clear and concise with my review. If you need anything clarified, please ask.

First off, you have a CODE in the very beginning that needs to be scratched out. It looks like you added to the template, too, there at the top. "Sensitive compartmented information..." Could we cut that out? We'd rather stick to the template as is.

We'll need a smaller picture. It should be less than 550 pixels wide -- anything wider may stretch the board like this image is doing.

Could we add in a space between the sections and the information therein?


_full name:JENNINGS SARAH should be...

_full name: Sarah Jennings (unless her first name is actually Jennings).

I'm not sure why all these sections are capitalized, either. Not too much of an issue, I guess, just odd.

What affiliation is she in?

Can you give us details about her faction? This section is semi-important.

Personality - Anything else you could tell us about her?

Powers - Most of this is okay, but the reflexes are a bit much as they're written. I'm okay with quicker reflexes of course, but here it's like she can instantaneously react to anything a la Spider-Man.

History - Mostly good... I'd like to see a little more fleshed out. It seems like she goes through a change of perspective but the details could be a little more weighty as to why. Was it because of her military career? If so, what in that? was it family? I'm not really grasping where she "began to believe the motives were anything but benevolent."
Sarah Jennings
 Posted: Feb 28 2016, 05:21 PM
N/A // N/A


Sarah Jennings PLOTTER | DOSSIER | tracker

I've got no problem fixing most of that stuff. The faction is empty right now because you and I had talked about writing her being brought into the fold with Y-16. That along with the holes in her history can't be written into her bio until she's brought in.

If you would point me to where the different clearances are I'll fix it. As I didn't see what the established clearance levels are in this universe I simply went with the real life highest official clearance.

As to her powers. I would ask that you reconsider. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Unless I'm mistaken you said the upper most weight that could be lifted is about two tons. Yet I've seen bios here that have been approved who's characters are able to lift far more than was stated to be the max.
Jonathan Langdon
 Posted: Feb 28 2016, 06:13 PM
45 YEARS OLD // Mycorr
Yamata 16 // Genetech Administrator

PLAYED BY typhon

Jonathan Langdon PLOTTER | DOSSIER | tracker

QUOTE (Sarah Jennings @ Feb 28 2016, 05:21 PM)
I've got no problem fixing most of that stuff. The faction is empty right now because you and I had talked about writing her being brought into the fold with Y-16. That along with the holes in her history can't be written into her bio until she's brought in.

Then put Unaffiliated in the faction.

I'm not really following you in regards to the holes in her history. What's written is what I see as existing to her -- she already seems to possess those thoughts at the end of her history. It's just not explained why.

If you would point me to where the different clearances are I'll fix it. As I didn't see what the established clearance levels are in this universe I simply went with the real life highest official clearance.

There aren't any other 'clearances'. That's just part of the profile template, not something that is supposed to be altered or added to.

As to her powers. I would ask that you reconsider. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Unless I'm mistaken you said the upper most weight that could be lifted is about two tons. Yet I've seen bios here that have been approved who's characters are able to lift far more than was stated to be the max.

A small handful do, and either that's because they were created before the limitations were put into place or because they made concessions in other areas. Sarah has a nice range of abilities and it's written like she's going to know what's happening as soon as it does. A little lag keeps it balanced.

If you need any further clarification on the changes, feel free to ask, but these aren't really something to contest. We make characters fit to the design of the board, not the other way around.
Sarah Jennings
 Posted: Feb 29 2016, 03:31 AM
N/A // N/A


Sarah Jennings PLOTTER | DOSSIER | tracker

Far too much bourbon to do the whole point by point quote by qouote thing. So I'll make this simple. A bio is a living history.it evolves as the character does. For character development it needs to be played out. The only person that needs to know every piece of her history is the writer. It will be explained in character. Don't like it? Won't write here. There are always other clearances. Your typical grunt isn't going to have his shit locked out doesn't make sense.

My girl will be able to handle herself. Yes she has a decent range of abilities. Yes her reflexes are super fast. Wanna compair her to spider man? Ok cool. Does spider man her his was kicked from time to time even given his super fast reflexes? You God dammed right he does.

This is yalls site. You make the rules. But to limit one characters abilities cause they showed up a little later is assinine. I'm unwilling to move on this. Don't want it that way? Make everyone abide by the same rules YOU wrote.

You can not maintain a site lettng one group use superior shit and chastise another. If that's how yall wanna do stuff let me know so I can stop wasting my time.

 Posted: Feb 29 2016, 11:37 AM
176 YEARS OLD // Hephaesti
Unaffiliated // Smuggler/Hitman

PLAYED BY OtherSteve

Iradell PLOTTER | DOSSIER | tracker

You are under the wrong impression about what an application is if you think that it is just a biography or a living history. An application is just that - a written reckoning of your character that must be approved and accepted before the game playing can begin. So basically when an admin reviews an app and asks for a few changes, then it is the duty of the person who wants to play here (or anywhere you go) to make those changes.

And as far as I can see, I don't see anything extreme being asked of you. This is an application, not a bio that an in character person can obtain and use. So remove the top secret things. Extend the personality a bit. Affiliation must be filled in. Flesh out the history. And reaction times that are borderline precognition is found no where in the description of an Adam.

In the time it is taking you to argue this, it could be fixed and the game could continue. This isn't a venue to preach to Typhon, it is an application for acceptance. Make the requested changes please, let's have fun together, or the other choice is to be denied. Please and thank you, post here again only when the changes are made.
Jonathan Langdon
 Posted: Mar 10 2016, 11:43 PM
45 YEARS OLD // Mycorr
Yamata 16 // Genetech Administrator

PLAYED BY typhon

Jonathan Langdon PLOTTER | DOSSIER | tracker

Is this applicant still interested in playing? You have until March 17 to make the requested edits or this will be moved to the unfinished board.
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