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"Humanity can survive, my friends. But it will take effort and it will take sacrifice. But first, we must rebuild the wheel to study these assailants from beyond. Any piece, any fragment of the Deus Pinnae that rears its head will be ours. Yamata 16 can no longer afford to linger in the shadows. If we must, we will take all of Bastion space in our grasps and ravage it until every metal sliver of the Pinnae is revealed... By any means necessary."

Jonathan Langdon.

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Dec 24 2015, 10:25 PM
Happy holidays everyone! I'm looking forward to getting Different Skies rolling into 2016! I know it's been a few slow months, but we'll keep puttering along as best as we can. So long as we're all here, we'll keep swimming in the stars

Starting in January, we will be upgrading to Premium JCINK! With this, we'll be able to play as we like and be as terrible and violent as we like. In accordance to the RPG rating thing that you see on a lot of forums (required by RPG-D sort of places to be listed), we'll be rated as 3-2-3.

3 - Language: Swearing and mature language is permitted.

2 - Sex: Sexual content is permitted. Explicit Narration of sex is not allowed. (Basically, no sex scenes but it's cool to talk about it. Fade to black.)

3 - Extreme violence and detail is permitted.

Basically, the site's already geared for adults. Now we can act like it without worrying about crossing some silly line.

There's a few other perks, like no ads. You can review them here.
Dec 12 2015, 12:42 AM
Greetings everyone!

I've missed a number a guests because I simply haven't been around, so this is a notice for them if they happen to read it:

For several hours a day, there may be no one around to greet you in the cbox. I'm sorry about this, because I'd love to greet you as soon as I can but life gets in the way. All I can do is ask that you be patient and visit us again in the evenings. I work 9-6 and don't have much time to check in during the day. Members also work and have school, so if no one greets you it's not because we're inactive. We have a small population and are just a relatively relaxed site. People have their own things to do so, if you're interested in joining, just check in again and hopefully someone will be around!

If you'd like to leave a question to come back to, feel free to post in the Guest Inquiries board.

To members, please greet and assist these visitors as best as you can. I'd appreciate any help I can get from you all. I'll make time as soon as I can to address everything I can get to in a timely manner.

Oct 2 2015, 03:08 PM
What song do you have playing in your character's mini-profile? Feel free to update us here!

Admiral - Mass Effect 3 Soundtrack: Leaving Earth.

Alliraine Nota - Lindsey Sterling - Shatter Me.

Data Stream - Star Trek Into Darkness OST: London Calling.

Jonathan Langdon - Lorde - Everybody Wants to Rule the World
Sep 24 2015, 12:09 AM
I just got back home to Florida today and I will be plagued by family interaction for the next few days... Which is odd, because I've been with them the last two months in Alabama and since they're down here too, we'll actually be doing stuff. I will be around in the evenings and whenever I can sneak on with my Kindle whilst over at their unit.

After that the job hunts begin. It shouldn't be too much of a problem once that starts... Until I become very broke.
Sep 18 2015, 10:00 PM
September 18th, 2515.
8:30 AM.

It had been a long night. Alliraine wasn't a deputy of SLED but here and there, her investigations always took a turn for the worse. She had the privilege of being able to hand off the paperwork to people behind a proper desk when it came down to it. She could arrest people if needed. A wondrous line in her contract license gave her the privileges of a bounty hunter to be able to do that. Still, she kept SLED on speed dial for good reason. A bruise had bloomed overnight when a Novae theft struck her as she was chasing him down -- a man who had stolen a family heirloom that she had been hired to recover decided it would be a good idea to give her a thrashing before taking him into custody near the Moors. No doubt he was heading off-station to make away with the heirloom.

Getting home, crashing hard, and waking up, she was prepared for a fair amount to cosign for the paperwork that involved her. Some she could get away with, truthfully, but Alliraine knew she'd never escape the digital hell of the monotonous prescriptions of justice.

Hair nearly combed to the side, the side of her head smooth and free of tattoo ink -- thank god for that chromatic ink she got it with -- for a professional guise, Alliraine was ready to face the mountain of papers. Just shy of the Arch's levels, the transport shuttle stopped. She didn't bother with her own vehicle unless she was out on a job. Public transit had been streamlined over the centuries and, even then, it still took her nearly an hour to get into the offices. Bastion was the size of a small moon, after all, and leaving the Crystal Glades in the morning was like escaping the event horizon of a black hole.

Alliraine nipped back a yawn as she trudged along, meandering with the crowd toward the looming Whitehall. An enigmatic, imposing building, she had been going to it for over twenty years. She could map it out in her thoughts, walk through it with her eyes closed, and find that special deposit box full of Radiant Twists a few officers thought no one knew about.

"Morning Ally," a smooth voice spoke out as a tall, easy-on-the-eyes lawyer eased up beside her, falling into pace. Orin Glash.

Ugh. I don't want to talk. "Nmhm." She murmured, barely willing form words.

"Heard about you calling for support last night. Finally caught the guy who stole those family rocks?"

"It wasn't just 'rocks,'" she said, watching as the lines began to break as they spread out like a stream around rocks toward their respective branches of Whitehall. She kept the furthest right, and Orin followed. His offices were annoyingly close to hers. "They were made of a rare mineral that can only be found growing off a weird bug in the Ra system. From the first years of space travel. And they meant a lot to my client's family. Their great something-or-other was one of the first to make contact."

"Right. Rocks," Orin retorted dismissively as they passed into the doors of the lower wings of Whitehall. Non-SLED personnel had access to offices there. "But that's great, you've finally got time to--"

"Start another case. Yep. Can't wait."

"--to see me in court."

"Wha--" she paused mid-step, but Orin smiled, waving his hand over her holo-tool. It blipped, signalling a file transfer over the open ports. She activated it and, as it bloomed over her arm, she brought up the document.

"I saw the injuries -- my client, the man who you brought down last night, is suing you overzealous conduct in capturing a fugitive." Orin's smug face made her queasy.

"You realize it's already a loss, right? He's the one who BURNed me first. If anything, I have self-defense and, I don't know, the law on my side. This case won't even be acknowledged. It'll all be sorted out in the robbery."

"Probably. But that doesn't stop me from getting paid," Orin smirked, then gave a wave of his fingers. "See you soon, Ally."

Muffling a growl, Ally stalked on, awakened by the frustrating deliverance of the news. Into the great building of Whitehall and toward her personal supply closet office collapsed into the seat. Her forehead hit the desk with a heavy thunk, which spurned the field to illuminate.

"Good morning, Detective," it spoke to her, casting holographic displays around her face. "Evidence records awaiting data input."

Dragging her head up from the table, Alliraine groaned, reached for the jack on the corner of the table and dragged it up to the back of her neck and plugged in.

Nearly noon.

A large amount of data transfer later, including dates, general times, and memory uploads, and Alliraine had a crystalline drive floating in her hands above a black square. The crystal, manifested as material molecular data, rotated on an axis, awaiting a deposit into SLED's evidence arrays.

These halls were familiar to her -- the people too. She recognized so many faces, so many uniforms, but she no longer wore one herself. It had been a while now since her official departure from SLED's offices and into the private lines of work; a certain air was against her, one that she knew she projected when she had worked for SLED and met with individuals who tread on SLED territory.

Pausing at one of the depositries, she narrowed her eyes as a blinking red light above it deemed it inaccessible.

"Hey," she said, turning to a passing officer, "where can I take this?"

The woman rebuffed her with a shrug. "Sorry, but not here. It's been down for days now -- can't even get a tech to look at simple things these days. Think they might be taking them upstairs." She walked on.

"Thanks anyways," Alliraine grunted, then turned toward another passing person. "Morning. Any idea where the nearest evidence upload is?"
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