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"Humanity can survive, my friends. But it will take effort and it will take sacrifice. But first, we must rebuild the wheel to study these assailants from beyond. Any piece, any fragment of the Deus Pinnae that rears its head will be ours. Yamata 16 can no longer afford to linger in the shadows. If we must, we will take all of Bastion space in our grasps and ravage it until every metal sliver of the Pinnae is revealed... By any means necessary."

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Mar 9 2016, 12:35 AM
Saturday March 5, 10PM

"Another drink please Sarah," Tau asked boisterously to the server that was his usually girl. Him and Sarah had a great attitude towards each other ever since Tau had stepped in when a few other guys were ruffing her up. Xilbalba was his usually hang out bar but it was definitely the better of the grungy bars. It was laid out over a huge level of Bastion so the interior was huge. At least four levels filled the space, some fancier than others while a few lower ones were more grungy. Escalators connected all the areas and different classes of people could be found in Xilbalba. Tau was on the second level enjoying the company of a few bar patrons that he had made and a lady or two.

Wearing his dreads down, Tau tossed back another shot on top of the many that he had already had. Tonight was a night for celebrating and celebrate he would. He had worked hard at bringing down a crime ring on an asteroid near Magnus 2 that had been pirating cargo vessels on and off for months. With the intel the company had given him he was able to stow onto one of their ships and take them down from the inside. He managed to get some prisoners and most of the pirates where not willing to be taken captive. That meant a lot of blood had to be spilled and after an event like that he liked to drink and have fun.

That being said there was nothing really wrong with going out for drinks. Though for Tau going out for drinks almost never happened. When it did though now that was something to see. So far Tau had had about 10 beers and about 10 shots. Thankfully his Tesla metabolism allowed him to burn through alcohol like crazy due to the extra charge running through his body. A deep laugh echoed out of him as he watched a buddy punch out another buddy. His dreads swayed loosely as he leant forward to cause a spark over his drink making it burn before blowing it out and tossing back a shot. "Now this is a party! Let's drink! Drinks on me!" he said loudly shaking his head like a lion and taking another drink.
Sep 26 2015, 10:38 PM
Thursday Sept 17 @ 3pm

Tau was happy that the one constant in his life, the one thing that that remained the same was his weekly attendance to the shooting and power usage range. It was a great place for him to test his skills and try to further improve them. He mainly used it to try and get his lightning power to extend further but mostly it was just frustrating him. It seemed like it wouldn't be it was tough to make the electricity from his bare hands go further than about five feet. So as he was heading through the streets to the shooting range, he was passing a lightning bolt back and forth between his hands. It was only a small bolt, about 1 foot in length that bounced from one pal to the other palm. It would absorb into one palm and then extend from his fingertip into the other. There were definitely perks of being a Tesla and in his years of service he loved what he was able to do with it.

Letting the lightning rest in his body Tau entered into the shooting range, greeting the attendant with a smile coming up to the desk. Being as it was still early in the day Tau had the range all to himself and he liked it that way. "Hey Z, how are you doing today?" he asked the attendant. She smiled at him in response. "I'm doing good Tau, you hear for gun training or for Tesla training?" Z asked him. Z was a Novae who used her powers to handle her gun and power shop quite well. Tau had been coming here for many years, either when he was on leave from the military or when he was free from a Black Moon mission. His nodes could easily be seen on his face and arms, and as soon as she saw the lightning she knew that he was Tesla. It was always interesting to guess what some people had in regard to BURNS.

"Uh for right now I want to try that new Terris Assault rifle with the extended barrel and uranium infused rounds please Z," he commented to her with a chuckle pulling out his credit chit and swiping it "Maybe I'll try again with the lightning extension later." Nodding Z picked out the gun and ammo and followed Tau to the range. Removing his jacket, Tau left his harpoon gun, knife, laser pistol and scythe all strapped on as he hefted the large rifle getting a feel for it's weight. "Oh this is nice Z, and it comes with different kinds of ammo right?" the large man asked her. "Yeah it comes with standard, armor piercing, incendiary, uranium, shatter, electrified, and they are working on mini nuke ones as well," she said back. "Damn I might need to place an order for one of these, you'll definitely get some good credits. Let me check this baby out, if I need anything else I'll let ya know." he commented to her as she turned and headed back to the desk "Thanks Z!"

Stepping up to a lane Tau tied his dreads back in a loose ponytail, he rubbed the bone skull weaved into them for luck he shouldered the gun. Sighting the target at the furthest range, He squeezed off a round watching as the uranium round hit the simulated fleshy target and immediately started to spread an web of green. The flesh around it blackened and Tau smiled unloading even more rounds into the target. Z put on some classic rock music that he liked (some Iron Maiden), and he smiled even more getting into the feel of the kick of the rifle and the music playing.
Sep 3 2015, 04:48 PM
Hey all! I am taking a trip this weekend to BC with cousins and stuff. I leave tomorrow and will prob be back on sunday or monday. I'll bring my laptop but I am not sure if there will be wifi, so if I can I'll try to get on. If I can't then I shall see you all after the weekend.
Aug 30 2015, 06:15 AM
_searching Z:\ for query...
    _uploading requested file...
    _opening heuristic personnel dossier:
    _dossier template: DEFAULT
    _script execution time .006 seconds


Z:\ P L A Y E R - I N F O R M A T I O N.ooc

    _requesting RL:\ for established query...
_player alias:Gavin/Jester
_other characters:None
_modes of contact: Aim: Zeratul8868, PM

Z:\ C H A R A C T E R - I N F O R M A T I O N.ic

    _analyzing system settings...
      _generating personnel dossier: DEFAULT
      _rendering holographic display:

Jason Momoa

_affiliation:Black Moons

_full name:Tau Wolf
_nicknames/alias:Sparky, The Wolf
_date of birth:October 31, 2486
_home planet:Osiris, Ra System
_current residence:Bastion
_relatives:Shannon Wolf(deceased), Jordan Wolf (deceased)
_marital status:Single

_height:6ft 5in
_weight:220 pds
_hair color:Brown
_eye color:Green
_identifiable marks:
Just past shoulder length thick neat dreadlocks adorned with small bone skull.
Scar over left eye. Has other scars on his torso and body from his military days.
Sometimes wears an over left eye HUD module from his military days.
Tattoo of arrowheads on his forearm left arm(doesn’t interfere with implants)
BURN implants in face with the circles being along the jaw, 3 on each side. Also implants on arms, legs, back and chest.
Tattoo of a Raven holding two skulls in its claws on the back of his neck with wings spread and the tips moving up his neck. Symbol of his black ops squad

_occupation:Black Moon Mercenary

Z:\ P S Y C H O L O G Y.ic

    _psychological evaluation loading... COMPLETED.

_personality: Tau is a man much like his namesake, the wolf. He is aggressive, loyal and fierce in a fight. During his military life he was the one that his commanding officers went to to get the job done. He developed the reputation for being the toughest son of a bitch out there, through the aid of his BURN and through his ability to work good as a team or on his own. When confronted with conflict, Tau will fight fiercely and if backed into a corner will fight harder. He was loyal to his troop and that loyalty extends to any that gain it. To those that he first meets he is rather unsure of their intent or actions but as he gets to know a person he will open up a little. Those that he considers friends will find the Tesla one of their better friends.

Having served in the black ops section of the Federation Military, Tau was expected to commit some rather atrocious things. He did those acts by being able to disconnect himself. He felt a little regret for some of the things that he did, but he learned to accept that it was a part of his chosen job. Tau can be a very caring person but he can also be a very abrupt as well. He doesn’t care for those people that waste his time or those that play games with him. He likes getting info especially for a job as fast as he can and from there going about the task of completing it.

Tau generally keeps to himself unless he is in the company of other Black Moons. It is with his mercenary group that he can generally relax, but he always keeps his guard up. Years of military training left him with always being aware of his surrounding, the exits and entrances and the best way to get to them. Overall Tau is can be a fierce and direct person but with a caring and loyal side to those that he accepts as friends.

Z:\ P O W E R - I N F O R M A T I O N.ic

    _genetic sequencing algorithm initiated... COMPLETED.

_powers: Being a Tesla, Tau has the ability through his BURN implants to control and direct his electromagnetic field. By doing so he is capable of directing lightning and bolts of electricity towards his opponents. Having had his implants for about 8 years he has learned most of what he can do with his electricity. Tau can project bolts of electricity up to 5ft away from his body and still be able to control it. Any further than that distance it turns into a wild mass of energy. As well as projecting lightning bolts he can create a shield of electric energy that can absorb blasts of light powered laser guns. While he is able to do that defensively, Tau prefers the aggressive approach to combat, attacking quickly and fiercely. He is able to siphon nearby electricity from power boxes, generators, lights and even other people to power-up his attacks.

With the use of his electricity if he wishes to extend control of it, Tau utilizes a very special weapon that he made during his military service. It is essentially a harpoon gun with connected guide wires lined with silver. Seeing as silver is the most conductive metal, the harpoons stick in Tau’s target and then he sends his electricity arcing down the line to the target. He also carries a soft metal scythe that when electricity passes through it, it hardens to steel like quality. Tau doesn’t use his scythe often but he is very proficient with it. As well as his scythe he also carries a large hunting knife hidden on along his spine.

As a result of his military training, Tau is very proficient at hand-to-hand combat. He is able to hold his own, but he is not a master. As well as hand-to-hand combat, Tau is also a very proficient knife fighter. The man generally likes to be close enough to his enemies to utilize his electricity but if he can’t then he will use guns.

Equipment: Harpoon gun modified with silver cables to conduct electricity (has 6 harpoons that he can shoot, and they can be pulled back, he conceals it under a small coat on his back.) Soft metal scythe that when exposed to electricity hardens and becomes strong as steel and incredibly sharp. A pistol, which he keeps on his right upper thigh but he doesn’t use it unless he needs too. The last thing that he carries on his body is a 10inch knife along his spine with the handle facing down so he can draw it quickly. Kevlar lined coat similar to a bullet-proof vest

_weaknesses:The biggest weakness for Tau is him being a Tesla. What that means is that through his use of his BURN and using his electricity that he has the higher chance of becoming exhausted through exertion. The more electricity that Tau channels and the more complex he makes his control, the faster he tires out. Though because he has had the implants for so long he knows how to handle the drain and thankfully it doesn’t impede him too much. Other than being a Tesla, he is still a normal human. While he does have great skill and training, he is still susceptible to being shot, stabbed and harmed. Though since being military trained he is knowledgeable enough to keep himself safe. He still suffers from exhaustion, hunger and sickness just like a regular human despite his implants.

Z:\ H I S T O R Y.ic

    _individual background loading... COMPLETED.
Tau Wolf was born in the city of New Karnak on the planet of Osiris, one of the first colonies in the Ra planetary system in the year 2486 on October 31. His parents Shannon and Jordan were both geologists and were very happy with their new son. Osiris is a half desert, a quarter rain-forest, and a quarter farmland. New Karnak was set in between all three zones providing the best of all three areas. As a young boy, Tau had the opportunity to wander and explore all three zones, his favourite being the wastes of the desert. The council of New Karnak was exploring the desert for sources of oil or other resources that they could use for energy. When he was 14 while his parents were out looking over samples at a desert oilfield, some rebels fighting against the Federation attacked and blew up the camp where his parents were working.

Now an orphan on a world that was tough to live in, Tau survived by living off the money his parents had left him and essentially picking fights and rebelling against social workers that had be assigned to watch him. When he turned 18, the trouble youth decided to join the military seeing as he had gotten in trouble with the law a few times. Joining the Federation military he learned to fight and to kill and to survive even better. Knowing of the BURN implants, Tau spoke to his superiors about getting some Tesla implants and with the military's help was implanted at 20. When he was recovered he began to learn how to control his electrical abilities and worked hard to utilize them during his missions. For the next 8 years he worked in the military and he was accepted into the Covert Black ops squad, called the Ravens for his service after about 3 years.

His superiors recognized the skill that Tau had and through that skill he earned the nickname The Wolf. During his time with the Ravens, Tau helped topple corrupt governments, warlords, terrorist cells, and much more as he traveled the Aeon and Neurous systems as well as others. When he turned 28 Tau had come to the realization that he was tired of taking other peoples orders, despite his rank of first lieutenant. Having used Bastion a home-base in the area for some of his operations, Tau retired from the military with full pension thanks to his service. The military was sad to see him go, but his squad and the Ravens as a whole knew that he needed something different so they wished him well and Tau and the military parted ways.

At 28 years old, Tau wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his life. As a Tesla there were many doors that could open for him, So a few months after leaving the military and running a quick few jobs, Tau was approached by a Black Moons contact who wished for him to join the company. Tau agreed and has been with the company for at least a year enjoying many great jobs that took him throughout the system. It is a nice change to his military because he is able to turn down jobs if he choses too , though most of the time he accepts the jobs and has fun doing them.

Z:\ S A M P L E.ic

    _accessing individual's archive footage files...
      _generating script... COMPLETED.
Tau stood off to the side watching the entrance to the pub as people entered and left. It was around 6pm in The Dregs. The mark was a man that Tau had studied, for some reason his employer wanted him captured and he didn’t bother to ask why. The UD was good and that’s all that matter to the Black Moon. A smile crossed his features as he watched his target come stumbling out of the bar. He figured that the man owed some people money or something, considering the price that the client had put up for the man.

Running a hand over the small nodes on his face, Tau casually followed the man weaving his way through the crowd ignoring the beckons of hookers, dealers and junkies. If it was another night he might take up an offer from one of the girls, but that was another night. Checking his equipment in his head, Tau ran through the list. Spear gun, knife, scythe and back-up laser pistol all the things he ever used. On top of that list were his skills as a Tesla and it was always fun to surprise his enemies with a bolt of lightning to the chest.

Coming up behind the man who had decided to relieve himself in the alley, Tau just shook his head. “Well Jack that just seems like a really stupid idea,” Tau commented to the man crossing his large arms over his muscled chest. Watching as the man spun around to face him, Tau smiled at him as he watched him with a sneer of disgust. “You are a terribly excuse for a human and you’re not even a modified one at that,” he said to him as Jack looked at him. “Who are you, you you bum?” Jack asked him in slurred speech. “I am here for you and that is all you need to know, now we can do this the easy way or the hard way,” Tau said to the him just as Jack turned and ran the other way “The hard way it is then.”

As Jack headed down the alley away from him, Tau reached out and grabbed a metal lid sitting against the wall. Charging it briefly with his electricity, he threw it down the alley like a Frisbee. Being electrically charged the disc let out a few sparks now and then from the light blue aura surrounding the metal. As it connected with Jack’s back it let out a soft boom as the charge transferred into the man’s back. With a smile Tau headed down the alley briefly passing a spark through his fingers with practiced ease. Coming up to the groaning man he looked down at him and pulling a pair of handcuffs from his belt he slipped them onto Jack. “Well Jacky boy, your luck just ran out and it’s not for the better,” he said as he picked the man with one hand by the cuffs and started walking down the street leaving The Dreg.
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