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"Humanity can survive, my friends. But it will take effort and it will take sacrifice. But first, we must rebuild the wheel to study these assailants from beyond. Any piece, any fragment of the Deus Pinnae that rears its head will be ours. Yamata 16 can no longer afford to linger in the shadows. If we must, we will take all of Bastion space in our grasps and ravage it until every metal sliver of the Pinnae is revealed... By any means necessary."

Jonathan Langdon.

Vestiges of Our Kind




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Regrettably, we've reached a point where we must shut down. I had a lot of fun and was glad to host your stories; moreover, I'm glad to have had fun with all of you. We wish you great pleasure and success in all your endeavors.

If any of you would like your character profiles for the future, please post in the cbox. I'll keep an eye on here for a while.
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